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A Grammar of Old English, 2-volume set - Richard M. Hogg

I didn't get this two volume paperback set but got the first volume on its initial release and then the second volume when it was finally released about twenty years later.


This is the first major grammar of Old English since Alistair Campbell's grammar of 1959 and takes into account recent developments in Old English studies that weren't available to campbell that include use of the new computerised concordances and the new Toronto Old English Dictionary. 


The main focus of the grammar is on the language contained in prose texts and glosses from the period. The first volume of the set focuses on phonology, the second, unfortunately left unfinished due to Richard Hogg's death and completed by Robert Fulk, deals with morphology. The grammar traces the diachronic development of the language from its theoretical Indo-European origins to the classical tenth century schriftsprache West Saxon. 


This is a major publication that no one interested in the Old English language can afford to ignore. This paperback edition of both volume one and two now makes the set more affordable and makes the first volume (which had become difficult to find) available to a new generation.